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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.

The Dapper Scrapper

September 14 2011

The B. team is totally floored that this insightful mom noted the unique color, design and features of our toys as being like us as individuals when her family took a test drive with the Wheeee-mote Control. And with one button play, even the dog could lend a paw to the throttle!

Sweet T Pie, Cutie Pie

September 13 2011

We went zany honing our Zany Zoo to perfection with real wood, water-based stains and caring details like rounded corners to protect teetering toddlers. So how could we feel anything but exalted when a carpenter's family applauded it’s construction?

Scuttle Butts

September 13 2011

We’re smitten as kittens that Meowsic has delighted this future American Idol star and Hugs :) Links are making baby brother's smile even bigger! Sounds like a rattling, rhythmic riot!

Loop de Louvre

September 12 2011

It was true l’amour when we spotted these gorgeous pics of a precious Petit Parisien and his A-Maze Loopty Loo! With 47 beautifully colored wooden beads on five swirly-twirly paths, curiosity is sure to be held captivated!

Orange Ya Glad I Didn’t Say Banana?

September 9 2011

We’re blushing shades of pink, purple and peach after this mama complimented the B. line as “high quality, affordable, beautiful and uniquely colorful”! And speaking of hues, did you know the B. color palette is inspired by our childhoods, travels and dreams?

All Fur One

September 8 2011

It’s spectacular that this “all in one mom” appreciates Critter Clinic’s perfect storage and portability for all in one fun! And we’re happy as clams that it’s not only rescued plush puppy and kitty with “vet magic”, but also the patient family hound from being wrapped in t.p.!

Thrice as Nice

September 7 2011

We love to hear that Wheeee-mote Control is being mastered once again by tiny toddler hands. (That's why we designed it with one-button simplicity!) This little guy is on track to be a flashing, spinning and beeping mini Mario Andretti! B. driven!

B. Huggable

September 6 2011

We’re feeling a bit vainglorious since little Vivi vividly vivified our day by choosing Hugs :) Links as one of her venerated valuables! Merci Vivi!!

Big Bang Beauty

September 2 2011

Good design is locked with a multiplicity of potential, waiting to burst with creative kinetic energy at the glance of an inspired imagination. So how could we not be absolutely smitten with Batman and Captain America rolling shotgun in Ballyhoo and a mobile mini-zoo trucking in the Car Go Cargo? Thank you Abbey, for sharing your beautiful family with B.!

Eight-Piece Band

August 28 2011

This happy household Parum Pum drumming and bee maraca rocking has us in love eight days a week. And the fact that this Texan tribe is learning cognitive reasoning and coming-together skills at the same time? We could not B. more thrilled!

Note Worthy

August 23 2011

13,000 miles, 43 days, 2,000 bee maracas and a million impartations of joy all add up to one spirit-filled musical revolution. We’re pleased as punch (& pie!) to have been a part of Rabbit’s magical summer tour.

Five Sides of Fun

August 23 2011

We’re so very pleased this blogger’s darling daughter stays happy as a clam and busy as a bee with her Zany Zoo. And it made us smile a little wider to read that mom likes to play with the zoo too!

Rabbit! Rock

August 22 2011

Indie music mavens Rabbit! popped by PoPo during their summer tour highlighting alternative creative outlets for kids. We’re pretty jazzed about those little bumblebee maracas that came along for the rocking. Looks like they had a hummm-dinger of a good time!

Zig Zag Zoo

August 18 2011

This little zookeeper sure knows how to zigzag and loopty-loo on her Zany Zoo! We’re ooohh-ing and aww-ing over these b-e-a-utiful photos of a wee one having fun.


August 18 2011

Love that these little doctors are willing to use their house call kit to help kiddos AND critters. And we’re extra excited to get mom’s seal of approval for “encouraging imaginative play” with an A+. Thank Y-O-U, ABCD Diaries!

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