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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.

Feel-Good Giving

October 25 2011

We want you to feel good about the toys you give to the most treasured little people in your life. Our toy-making process? Part joy. Part love. Part mischief. Plus a dash of charitable giving—it’s our pleasure to donate 10 cents to Free the Children for every B. toy sold.

Whoa to Go

October 25 2011

Our toys love a good road trip, so it made our day when H2-Whoa was recognized as a great toy for on-the-go. Makes us think we should consider making a glove-compartment sized water board so little ones are always always ready for a spontaneous game of tic tac toe.

School Smart

October 25 2011

With feathered friends and school bus sweethearts, the B. Youniversity is sure to keep your curious little ones occupied until they graduate…kindergarten. The heirloom-quality activity cube with six sides of fun will inspire a desire to explore and learn.

B. Smiley

October 25 2011

Do you have a bookmarked site or blog post that will brighten up even the gloomiest of days? This is ours. The sweet video of the Zany Zoo unboxing makes us smile every time. And if you need even more of a boost, just take a peek at the gorgeous photos.

B.irthday Boy

October 24 2011

Turning two can be a trying time little ones as they try to communicate and express themselves. Fortunately, Whacky Ball provides a “hole-y” place to squeaky hammer out those frustrations! B. bash-full!

All Rileyed Up

October 23 2011

Madcap merriment is manifested in the life of Riley as she monkeys about on her very own Zany Zoo! We feel like proud parents because our activity cube made the grade—both for good value and top-notch construction.

Four Star Certified

October 21 2011

With categories like ease of use, durability, and visual appeal, this is the most thorough toy evaluation we’ve seen in awhile. Meowsic earning four stars left us happier than a kitten on a catnip kite!

Christmas List Worthy

October 19 2011

When we read that this mom got a 2 month head start on her holiday shopping, we wanted to send her a merit badge of honor. But then she sent us the ultimate gift—our toys made it to the top of her very organized list.

A Clinic just for Critters

October 16 2011

It’s not easy to stand out from the rest of the pack, so we’re delighted to be noticed for our one-of-a-kind play set that’s just right for little vets-in-the-making. Whether giving a cat a scan or raising the woof to play hide and go puppy, it’s sure to provide a doggone good time!

B. Brilliant

October 9 2011

Astounded and delighted to see the many uses this teacher found for Pop-Arty. Stringing together chains to be measured, using them to help explain patterning and beading together a snappy-happy family are all phenomenal ideas!

Back Porch Racer

October 7 2011

This little one has quite the car collection—and he’s not even out of diapers yet! Wheeee are honored that our squishy cars have found their place in such a happy home.

Going the Distance

October 6 2011

Safety is our first (and 17th) priority, and the online B. community has been invaluable in helping us keep our standards sky-high. We truly believe—and operate based on—the premise that it takes a village to raise a child. And we could not be more honored to be a part of your village.


October 5 2011

Have you ever seen a cat on a trampoline? We don’t recommend it. But we do recommend taking a peek at this adorable trampoline-top review of our crazy cat keyboard.

Checkup and a Haircut

October 4 2011

Our message to wee ones everywhere is B. You! So it’s spectacular to see this little lovebug expanding imaginations (and our hearts) with innovative and imaginative ways to play with Dr. Doctor.

Like, Whoa

October 3 2011

We’re over the moon (and beyond the stars) that H2-Whoa! is keeping these adolescent artists engaged on-the-go and that mom appreciates it’s mess free scribble without dribble. B. neat!

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