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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.

Trick or Treat? Definitely a Treat!

December 21 2011

We STILL cannot get over how adorable this Poppitoppy inspired Halloween costume is! Our good friend Crystal, over at Little Free Radical, proved just how crafty and creative she is with this one of a kind costume for her daughter Sophie. Simply B.eautiful.

Sharing is Caring

December 21 2011

After her daughter Sophie’s public display of affection for our Poppitoppy, she was unB.elievably gifted THREE more! Giving one to their local clinic, Little Free Radical did a give away with the other two. It warms our heart to hear that our toys can be part of something so wonderful.

Kid-Tested, Parent-Approved

December 20 2011

We absolutely love hearing about families who claim B. toys for their own homes. Our friends at Toyxplosion put a B.ig smile on our faces with their kind words about our Woofer and Critter Clinic!

B. Loved

December 20 2011

When Moms not only B.elieve in our toys, but our mission as well, we cannot help but smile from ear to ear. Today’s Mama expresses her love for our Pop-Arty! and we could not B. more flattered!

Dr. Feelgood

December 7 2011

What a privilege that a B. toy was toted on this mountain family’s snowy St. Nick holiday expedition! Whether you’re playing Dr. Zhivago or even Dr. Who, with Dr. Doctor you can Just B. Dr. You!

Tiny Green Treasure

December 5 2011

Like a wee rolling coliseum, the A-Maze Rain Rush with its architectural attitude, goes rattling and roamin’ at the push of a pint-sized paw. Thank you, Tiny Green Mom, for including it as a “perfect choice” in your Holiday Gift Guide for Children!

Pop Goes the B. Easel

December 4 2011

It makes our day that this sweet mama blogger mentioned our customer service as nothing short of “amazing”! We are parents first, and taking care of the families who play with our toys is a top priority.

Doogie Howser, QT

December 4 2011

We’re digging this darling doctor dude developing his G.P. expertise with Dr. Doctor. We're opening up and saying, "Awwwwwwwwwww……."

A Cutie-itis

December 4 2011

Oh my goodness Willow, you’re growing up faster than, well…a weeping willow tree! And here you are already practicing medicine with your new Dr. Doctor kit. Move on over, Dr. Oz…

Easel Street

December 2 2011

Super flattered that some of the coolest people on the planet, who steward it with the greatest of care, blessed us with this beautiful sentiment: “It’s easier than ever to change the Christmas conversation with your kids from one of consumption to one of coolness thanks to B. toys.” B. humbled!

B. for C

December 2 2011

It's music to our elfin ears to hear a little C. is having a rock opera-tastic time with Okideoke this holiday season! And we’re smitten at the sweet way his siblings are sneaking his Hellophone away to record silly messages for him! Repeat the sounding joy!

B. A-Dior-able

December 1 2011

Whether you’re beading baubles a la Bulgari or Chanel-ing your charm bracelet best, with the 500 piece prismatic Pop-Arty! you’ll always sparkle. Thank you Modern Mom, for presenting us in your Gift Guide for Girls!

The Giving Tree

December 1 2011

We’re always enchanted by Design Mom’s eye for timeless and quirky beauty. This season we’re amazed at her artistic altruistic giving graces! Delighted to have had eight greats from the B. toy collection gifted!

B. Star Struck

December 1 2011

Hip pop hooray! We feel like the cool cat’s pajamas ever since the Hollywood hipsters at LA Family featured Pop-Arty! as “great for play dates and parties”!

Bristle Block Blast

October 30 2011

What an awesome image of inspired imagination: Bristle Block rockets blasting into Spinaroo Space! We’re on top of the world that these two awe-inspiring architects and their mommy are stuck on B. toys. Fair warning: the animated gif is sure to make you grin :)

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