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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.

Posh Puppy

February 14 2012

If dogs could blush, Woofer would be bright red after this lovely review. It always brightens our day when we hear about moms AND tots playing (together) with B.

Love For Your Little One

February 13 2012

Just in time for the big day, the pros at Baby Elan highlighted seven amazing Valentine’s Gifts for ‘all year round.’ Couldn’t help but smile to see that Take It Easel made the list.

My Funny Valentine

February 13 2012

It’s always nice to get something special for the ones you love on Valentines Day. (What better way to feel the love than seeing your wee one crack a grin?) Flattered that Woofer and Wheee-ls were chosen as two creative Valentine’s Day gifts to make your toddler jump for joy.

First B.irthday Fun

February 8 2012

First birthdays can be a stressful time…first party, first cake, first presents. To make things easier, has prepared a list of 20 great gift ideas for the big day. We are so honored that Youniversity made the cut!

B. Green

February 8 2012

This mama puts top priority on organic, natural and environmentally safe products for her little ones. So we’re thrilled that our Times Square received her seal of approval!

Wonderful Wheee-ls

February 8 2012

With Valentines Day just around the corner, why surprise your toddler with only one gift when you can give them four? Tiny Green Mom called our Wheee-ls four-pack the perfect treat to “race into your little one’s hearts”.

Puppy Love

February 4 2012

What better way to show your little rocker some love than with a gift of music? Our friends at The Fire Wire highlighted Woofer as the perfect Valentines Day gift for any toddler. How sweet!

A Kids B.est Friend!

January 23 2012

We love hearing that our Woofer is a hit amongst the 2-6 year old age group, but when we hear that mommies are crushing on it as well, we can’t help but B.lush!

Ain’t Nothin’ But a Hound Dog

January 23 2012

This mom strummed our hearts with her review of all the features of our Woofer toy guitar. When she ended her review with “Love Me Tender” we were wagging our tails. Woof Woof!

Bye Bye Blackberry, Hello Alphaberry!

January 19 2012

We all know how fascinated our little ones can be with important belongings such as keys and cell phones. The Alphaberry allows our kids to feel all grown up while learning their ABC’s on their very own PDA!

B.eloved B.locks

January 17 2012

We are thrilled to hear that our One Two Squeeze was an attention grabber for this busy mom. With toys piling up left and right after the holidays, it warms our hearts to know that B. was a fan favorite!

B. Responsible

January 11 2012

Team B. has committed their hearts and souls into making as little impact as possible on our planet. It is always humbling to hear that our dedication to a better tomorrow has not gone unnoticed.

B. Loved

January 10 2012

Ahhh young love! Hearing this precious story about a toddler smitten over his neighbor simply melted our hearts. To know our Fish & Splish was carefully chosen as his third birthday present made us smile from ear to ear!

Little C.—B.ig Collection

January 4 2012

We are thrilled to hear that Little C has fallen in love with his B. Toys! After recently adding our Stackadoos, Critter Clinic AND Fish & Splish to his collection, we could not be happier to hear that Little C and his chic mama are still on the hunt for more B.!

Toys for B.oys

December 31 2011

We were thrilled to hear that that this Mom picked our Spinaroos as a winning toy for her Andersons Angels.

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