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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.

No More Mess

March 6 2012

Sometimes it can feel like giving toddlers crayons, markers and painting supplies is a recipe for disaster. Have no fear…H2-Whoa is here! Glad to have helped avoid at least a few more mushed-in-crayon carpet stains.

B. Musical

February 27 2012

We introduced our B.rand-new Symphony in B. at this year’s Toy Fair. It’s really truly more than a toy—it’s an instrument and a learning tool too. Your little one will be musically educated and entertained all at once!

B.est of Battat

February 27 2012

Although B. is just shy of two years old, our parent company Battat has been in the toy business for over 100 years. This wrap-up is a great peek into the roots of B. and the future of Battat.

B. Creative

February 23 2012

Take It Easel captured the attention of this eco-friendly mom on the run because it’s just right for hours of entertainment—at home or on the go. (We’re betting Van Gogh would have approved…)

Celebrate with B.

February 23 2012

Here at Team B., we’ll take any excuse for a celebration. Birthday? Let’s get a cake! Long weekend? Gotta take a trip to the beach! Monday again? Lunch time dance party! So we’re honored to have been included in this family’s birthday, new years, and everyday festivities.

Gift of Giving

February 23 2012

Ever find yourself in a bind trying to come up with the perfect gift for the perfect person? Well, have no fear…Gift Mama is here! She picked Zany Zoo as the perfect go-to gift for any toddler in your life.

Toy Trends

February 22 2012

Musical toys were a big hit at this year’s NYC Toy Fair. Singing a happy tune to see that Lorain County Moms used Symphony in B. as their musical toy trend example! Perfect way to make our day.

School of Rock

February 20 2012

Most little ones can point out a guitar or a piano, but what toddler can direct you to a Koto or a Xylophone? Symphony in B. is the perfect way to introduce your little ones to a whole world of musical possibilities!

B. Adventurous

February 20 2012

We love when choosy moms choose B. (we love when not-so-picky moms pick us too :)) Always a delight to hear about our toys unlocking creativity and imagination in wee ones.

Wrap Up

February 19 2012

Toys aren’t the only things that need wrapping after a week at New York City’s annual Toy Fair. After such a huge event, it’s important to summarize the best of the best, the new, and the noteworthy. So we’re thrilled to be mentioned here as a ‘solid find’ for little ones in 2012.

Music To Our Ears

February 17 2012

We’re parents first and foremost, so it’s always an honor when our friends at PTPA mention B. And it’s music to our ears to hear that Symphony in B. was included in their top picks from Toy Fair 2012.

Tip-Top Toys

February 16 2012

Out of the thousands (millions?) of toys featured at this year’s Toy Fair, experts in fun Lil Sugar pinpointed twenty favorites. Completely honored that Symphony in B. made the cut along with so many amazing and unique new toys.

Musical Magic

February 15 2012

Meet the newest member of your band: Woofer! We couldn’t be happier that such trusty musicians are at the keys and chords of our musical cat and dog duo. Bow-wow-meow!


B.ig Family, B.igger Adventures

February 15 2012

A family of eight means lots of love, loads of excitement, and plenty of little hands to put toys to the test. Can’t help but smile knowing ours passed the test and fit right into this lovely lively household.

Good To B. in Love

February 14 2012

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…how about ten? One of our favorite moms, creator of the Mortensen family blog, has shared the sweetest photos and the kindest words inspired by Take It Easel. This post truly feels like a Valentines gift—for US!

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