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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.

Brand Awesomeness?? We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

April 1 2010 We love bloggers. This super smart blogger picked up on every single little detail we love about our brand. It was a love-love kind of day.

Photo Pro

March 30 2010 Incredible photographer/amazing mom/tea drinker/yoga lover/nut. Words cannot describe our uber-talented photographer Kim Lowe. Working with her is a blast and an inspiration, and now we’re honored to be highlighted on her blog.

Now we’re doubly honored.

March 1 2010 We were honored to have designer Jennifer Hill create a beautiful pattern for B. toys. Now honored yet again to see her beautiful blog post about our package that used her pattern

A hit with Swiss Miss.

February 1 2010 When one of our favorite designers and bloggers was having her second baby we sent her older child a jar of Pop-Arty! pop beads to keep busy while mom had Swissmister. Happy to hear they were a hit.


January 14 2010 A super design-savvy blog written by an award-winning toy designer, we are beyond flattered that Small for Big noticed B., and happy to have her seal of approval. Thanks!

And the award for Best Instructions goes to...

January 1 2010 We love it when we find parents who share our sense of humor. Thanks, Poop and Boogies! (How often does one get to say THAT??)

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