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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.

She Does(!)

July 17 2010 Getting approval from parents always makes our day. We couldn’t be happier to have received recognition from this discerning mommy.

Xplosion of Fun

July 16 2010 Hearing about children enjoying our toys is the best reward. We’re happy that Kristina’s little ones had a blast, and proud to be highlighted by Toy Xplosion.

Toy of the Week

July 7 2010 What an honor for the Meowsic to be chosen as toy of the week! We love the photo of Rebecca’s meowsician-in-the-making. This made our week!


June 28 2010 This post made our day—it’s so enthusiastic! We love that the first thing little Lily did with Elemenosqueeze was chew on a block. That’s our favorite kind of approval!

We're more than a little bit flattered.

June 23 2010 Keeping kids happy on a 12-hour drive across the Mojave Desert (and back again) is 100% parenting genius, but we're happy our toys could help. Here's another amazing blog post with absolutely gorgeous photography of our toys. Merci, Petit Elefant!

Love (this) Review

June 14 2010 This glowing review made us blush. What really got to us, though, are the photos of Eryn’s little one and her dog, both chomping down on One Two Squeeze blocks. Adorable!

Piece of Cake

June 8 2010 It’s just delicious that Style Bakery Mom highlighted B.’s ready-to-gift packaging and bright colors. Gift-giving should be a piece of cake, and we’re always happy to help.

Go Play!

June 2 2010 Quality and durability are priorities in all our toys, and it’s always thrilling when someone recognizes that. Thanks for the review, Go Kids!

Proud to be picked.

June 1 2010 We’ve long admired this site from cool moms for cool moms. And now we’re on it! So cool.

Completely Quotable

June 1 2010 Children really do say the cutest things. We’re excited that And Baby Makes Three recognized us again, this time for our website. Thrilled she added an adorable quote from her little one.

Chosen by the choosiest.

May 27 2010 When this self-proclaimed "picky" mom gave us the thumbs up, we were over the moon. This wonderful post even includes photos of a gorgeous little girl chomping on FunKeys. To think, she called US Too Good to B. True.

B. Carefree

May 27 2010 We couldn’t have asked for anyone better to share the news of our website launching. Charmingly Chandler is so sincere and animated, and that photo of her wee one is just darn cute.

Talk about making us look good…

May 25 2010 Gabrielle Blair posts on where design and motherhood intersect. That’s certainly a corner we want to hang out on. We are humbled by this beautiful photo shoot with her gorgeous children.

Mighty Motor Skills

May 24 2010 We’re honored that Pop-Arty is featured in this video as a great way to encourage fine motor skills and keep little ones engaged. Those little girls are as cute as they come!

Totally Funkeys

April 25 2010 We’re glad to hear that Adriana’s little guy is enjoying his new set of FunKeys. Yep. They feel like real keys. We think that’s key to real fun.

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