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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.


September 16 2010 We like to think of ourselves as more than a toy company, but to show up on a Food Blog??? And a gorgeous one at that! Thank you, Cookbook Queen. We were thrilled. (And now after reading your blog, we're hungry, too!)

Totally Chewable

September 15 2010 Grandbabies 101’s grandson put One Two Squeeze to the test and found them to be…totally chewable! That photo is darling—thanks for giving us a squeeze.

Conversation Starter

September 9 2010 Online forums are a great place to get tips and tricks. Seeing what moms are saying about B. caught our attention and made us smile- big!

Contest Love

August 18 2010 We’re big fans of celebrating the little stuff (both the idea and the blog). Celebrating the wisdom of wee ones was what our Quote of the Summer Contest all about.

We're on Fire (Wire).

August 17 2010 Becoming a "favorite toy company" is one of our favorite things to do. Thank you, Fire Wire. We're honored.

Charmed (again)

August 17 2010 Charmingly Chandler caught wind of our ‘B. Quote of the Summer’ contest, and shared the love (and the details) with all of her readers. We’re happy to be making a second appearance on this enthusiastic blog!

We Heart Japan

August 17 2010 What a treat to come across this blog post written entirely in Japanese! We’re flattered by (and thankful for) the worldly kids and adults who love our toys. Arigato!

One Two Heart

August 15 2010 It’s great to be recognized on bright and beautiful blogs like Things I Heart. Thanks for the cute photos of your little guy busy stacking, sorting, and putting his blocks away!


August 12 2010 What a treat to show up on such a fabulous blog! When we read about Beth playing with her kids’ toys, too, we couldn’t help but smile. (Stay true to that inner 5 year old, Beth!)

Blue in the Face

August 11 2010 Our quote contest was a highlight of our summer, and we’re flattered that Toy Xplosion shared the news. Thanks for spreading the word about B., and sharing our quotes with your readers!

100% Happy

August 9 2010 Petit Elefant has a way of making us 100% happy. Being featured on her blog again—this time for our Quote of the Summer contest—brought us up to around 106%.

Love from Japan

August 1 2010 The internet truly is making the world a smaller place, and we’re flattered that this Japanese blog found inspiration in our website. Arigato, Code Knock!

Happy Family

July 22 2010 Bringing a new baby home to the big kids is tricky, but Quirky Momma rolls with it all. Stackadoos helped in her house; we’re happy that her little ones are having so much fun.

Cause for celebration.

July 21 2010 We're always flattered when a family invites our toys into their home. When our toys help out with potty-training, well then we're downright proud! 

About Time

July 17 2010 Adventures in Mommyland is super excited to have found our Times Square toy, and that makes us excited. Six sides of learning should keep mom and her little one engaged (and excited) for years to come.

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