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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.

Modest Momma

March 20 2012

From what we can tell, this Momma’s tots were born to perform (we’ll be waiting to see them on American Idol 2025!) It’s our pleasure—and honor—to equip them with an instrument or two. Our top dog Woofer will surely help them carry a tune.

Music To Our Ears

March 20 2012

The brand-new Symphony in B. was unveiled this year at Toy Fair and we could not be more flattered to hear such kind feedback. Thanks, again, to the folks over at toyxplosion for taking the time to write all about us (and our toys too!)

B.udding Musicians

March 19 2012

Team B. strongly believes in the power and importance of music for little minds. (Why else would we have insisted on so many pre-natal dance parties? ;)) If your wee ones like to rock on, we made Woofer, Meowsic, and Symphony in B. just for them.

B. For All Ages

March 16 2012

Gotta love a mom who will stop what she’s doing to sit on the carpet with her littles just to play for a bit. Check out this hands-on mom making beautiful Pop-Arty jewelry with sweet little Bean.

B.log for B.

March 16 2012

Chief Toymaker Gisela puts buckets of love and dedication into everything she does—including writing her B.log. So it feels like making it onto the honor roll to be recognized by Frugal Dad as a top toy blog.

Hot Hot Hot

March 15 2012

Symphony in B. can keep your little ones entertained for hours. We know this because it’s kept us…err…our little ones entertained for days. Beyond flattered that Babble included the Symphony on their list of the hottest toys from Toy Fair.

B. Captivated

March 15 2012

Any busy mom will tell you just how much can be accomplished in an hour. So we take it as high, high praise that these little ones were so captivated by Symphony in B. that they spent an entire hour with it—leaving mom with time to do one more load of laundry…or play along.

Wrapped with Love

March 15 2012

Some people dream of making it into the pages of the New York Times or People Magazine. We’ve long dreamt of a mention on venerable packaging design website The Dieline. So it feels like Christmas to read their feature on our reversible toy packaging that lets moms-on-the-go wrap gifts lickety-split.

Simply Stunning

March 13 2012

We’re drooling straight onto our keyboards over these gorgeous shots of our toys in action. Makes us want to go race some Wheeee-ls in the driveway right this instant. That being said, we’ll be right back…

Wheelie Happy

March 12 2012

Hard not to smile watching this proud mama’s footage of her little ones playing with our pull-back cars. Over and over and over, sending those little Wheeee-ls zip-zooming across the floor never ever gets old.

Easter Spirit

March 11 2012

At home or on the go, Car Go Cargo is the perfect toy for any toddler in your life. Ecstatic our trusty truck has a spot on the Today’s Woman Easter Gift Guide.


March 11 2012 Designer Daddy could be called Discerning Daddy or, well, Darn cool Daddy. So naturally we’re thrilled that Symphony in B. caught his attention and made it onto his little guy’s birthday wish list.

B.est Buddy

March 11 2012

They say a man’s best friend is his dog. This little man clearly agrees! Our eyes were immediately drawn to his sweet toothy smile while holding our Woofer guitar. Rock on, wee one!

Dinner Party Playtime

March 8 2012

Looking for a toy that you’ll enjoy as much as your little ones? Symphony in B. might be just the ticket! But proceed with caution…once you start playing, you might not be able to stop—resulting in music-filled dinner parties and staying up waaay past bedtime :)

Petite Picasso

March 7 2012

Getting a little frustrated by the damaged furniture, walls and carpets your little artiste leaves in her wake? Take It Easel is a clean, fun and easy-to-store canvas for your creative toddler. And a lifesaver for your favorite armchair :)

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