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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.

B. in the OC.

December 1 2010 We’re flattered to be recognized in the Orange County Register’s gift guide for babies, and delighted to hear that mom and her little one have fun with the Parum Pum Pum. Keep making that joyful noise!

Lucky Number Seven.

November 30 2010 We’re jumping for joy as ToyXplosion featured not one, not two, but seven of our toys on their holiday gift ideas list. Thank you, seven times over!

Tech for Tots.

November 26 2010 The Alphaberry is included on Style Bakery Mom’s list of top gifts for little ‘techies.’ Thnx!

Fun for All.

November 24 2010 The mom bloggers at Macaroni Kid like playing with Spinaroos as much as their kids do. Now you know why it’s so hard to get work done around here…

Stylish and Sweet.

November 22 2010 Style Bakery Mom included the Critter Clinic on their list of top gifts for little zookeepers-in-training. Cupcakes all-around!

Lunch Date

November 17 2010 When Chief Toymaker Gisela Voss had lunch with Miz Big and Birdie from Small for Big, it was a Pop-Arty kind of day.


November 10 2010 Holiday gift guides are great, and we’re excited to be on Muse Review’s list. Loving seeing our color scheme described as ‘wild neons combined with earthy tones.’

Wheeee love Trendy Mamas!

November 9 2010 Few things are better than a birthday, and we’re always happy to be part of the celebration. Loving the age-old Wheeee-mote Control dilemma: drive it or chase it?

Very Merry.

November 8 2010 We want to call everyone we know on our Holiday Hellophones. Cool Moms Picked us again! We just love this blog.

Loving Life and Love.

October 29 2010 We're always thrilled to be invited to a birthday party, especially one with gorgeous photography, a guest of honor dressed from head to tiny toe in pink and the famous Parum Pum Pum face smash!

Birthday Boy

October 29 2010 Ohdeedoh is one of our favorite sites for inspiration, so we were delighted to see this birthday shout-out. Happy birthday Cole! We’re so happy you like your Zany Zoo!

Big Kids Now

October 15 2010 We’re delighted that Spinaroos were a part of the Barela girls’ third birthday celebration. What a fun idea to top the cake with bristle blocks—although that had to be some tricky (and yummy) clean-up!

Big Value for Little Ones

October 14 2010 We’re completely flattered that Jack’s mom highlighted us on her blog and humbled by Jack’s B. collection. (Adorable video alert!)

Bragging Rights

October 7 2010 The Bragging Mommy gave B. official bragging rights. We don’t like to brag, but we are so happy they had fun playing with the toys!

We are whimsical. And now we're smitten.

September 22 2010 We're so lucky to have such wonderful fans. Before we even had the chance to add our new Snug Bugs to our website, Whimsical and Smitten found them at Target and announced them for us. What gorgeous photography on this post and throughout the blog. We're honored.

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