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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.

Design Love.

December 10 2010 Honored to get the shout out from Aesthetic Outburst, a gorgeous blog by the very talented artist, Abbey Hendrickson. We’re big fans and beyond flattered.

Bananas for Meowsic.

December 10 2010 Who knew that monkeys and cats could get along so well? Funky Monkey calls Meowsic, ‘absolutely adorable.’ How adorable!

Pop-Arty Party!

December 10 2010 Mom Trends knows that little ones love to get crafty. We’re thrilled that Pop-Arty is part of the fun.

Holly Jolly.

December 10 2010 The mighty moms behind Macaroni Kid profiled some of B.’s seasonal favorites. We may just give them a call on our Holiday Hellophones to say thanks!

Lifesaver Blocks.

December 9 2010 Vivian at Natural Mama proposed a new name for Elemenosqueeze: Lifesaver Blocks. Why didn’t we think of that?

Festive Flip Out!

December 8 2010 It’s so exciting to be part of Flip Out Mama’s holiday gift guide that we could, well, flip out! This truly is the most wonderful time of year.

Meowsically Inclined.

December 8 2010 It’s an honor to provide hours of fun to budding musicians and moms alike. Lizzy says she secretly plays Meowsic. We’ve been known to meow out a tune over lunch ourselves.

Pop-Arty for all!

December 7 2010 In Petit Elefant’s gift guide #2, she calls out Pop-Arty as, ‘a phenomenal toy for everyone.’ (And she knows a thing or two about phenomenal.)

Gifts for Design Kids.

December 7 2010 If you don’t know Design Mom yet, you are in for a treat. Gabrielle Blair’s stunning photos of Pop-Arty will make your day. The fact that she wrote about us again made our year.

Trendy Times Two.

December 6 2010 Trendy Mamas picked us again! Our toys are bringing smiles and self-expression to the wee ones? Smiles all around!

About B.

December 5 2010 We work hard to make sure our toys are as good for the planet as they are for your kids. When a site like recognizes our efforts, it makes us want to high five the whole world.

Spreading Christmas Cheer.

December 2 2010 Being part of holiday gift guides makes us giddy, and we’re flattered to be included in this one. (And thank goodness Esther’s little guy didn’t miss any calls on his Holiday Hellophone! )

Baby Elan Loves B.

December 2 2010 It’s great to give gifts that you’d like to receive. Baby Elan Daily agrees, and recognized B. toys as some of their favorites. Thanks for that gift, Baby Elan- we love it!

Ooh la la!

December 1 2010 We love it when our unique colors and patterns get recognized by the fabulously fashion-forward. Merci, Tres Chic Now, for highlighting us in the Baby Luxe department!

Holiday Hooplah.

December 1 2010 Fire Wire recognized us again, this time as part of their must-have holiday gift guide. We’re tickled that they called us a ‘wondrous purveyor of kid’s playthings.’ We’re calling them ‘awesome.’

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