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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.

Gift Worthy

December 20 2010 Being included in holiday gift guides is always an honor. Being included in design-centric blog posts is always an honor. Consider us doubly honored, and triply thankful!

Holiday Hooplah

December 20 2010 The holidays have a way of getting hectic. If you still have shopping to do, don’t worry. The 30 Girl calls B., ‘last minute gifts worth giving.’


December 20 2010 We’re pumped to be on Toy Xplosion again! They gave the Alphaberry a great review, just in time for the holidays.

No More Me-Ouch!

December 19 2010 Little animal lovers like to take care of their furry friends, and we’re flattered that Melissa has given the Critter Clinic such high marks. Next time our dog needs a check up, we’re bringing him to your house!

Music Maker

December 18 2010 Little Colton is adorable (and a bit mischievous—two traits we love!) with his Parum Pum Pum. We can’t believe this future rock star is already taking his music on the road!

Rock On!

December 18 2010 When little kids grow up in music-loving families, they have their choice of instruments to play with. We’re elated that Parum Pum Pum is the music maker of choice for Tour Tot!

Rock and Meow

December 16 2010 Little “Bug” is a budding rock star, and we’re thrilled to hear about how much he loves Meowsic. We’d love to hear the cat chorus when his second cousin joins in on her Meowsic, too!

All Ages Fun

December 16 2010 This B.-centric B.log post made us smile from ear to ear. Chaos is wonderful!

What a View!

December 15 2010 Holiday wish lists keep us smiling all month long, and we’re happy to be included in this one. Hope you continue to enjoy Pop-Arty long after the holidays have come and gone!

Parum Yum Yum

December 15 2010 Super sweet for our toys to show up on a food blog once, but twice? That’s scrumptious! Thanks, Cookbook Queen!

Teachable Moments

December 15 2010 When parents ‘get’ B., we get excited about sharing our mission and the love that goes into every toy. Crystal definitely gets us, and we are blown away by her complimentary and thoughtful insights. Thanks!

Picture Perfect

December 14 2010 We couldn’t have asked for a nicer (or more complete) review. The photos of your little guy are oh-so-professional and he is oh-so-adorable.

The Zoo for You.

December 12 2010 Mommies with Style calls out the fun colors and versatility of Zany Zoo. We are positively delighted to be recognized on this fashion forward blog.

Joy to the World!

December 11 2010 We’re overjoyed to be part of And Then There Were 4’s Christmas count-down. Thanks for including us on your holiday wish list!

The Joy of Being a Kid.

December 10 2010 Stuff Parents Need said we have, "the heart of a playful child and mindfulness of a wise sage." We’re going to go get an ice cream cone now…

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