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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.


February 5 2011

Any excuse is a good excuse to do something special for the ones you love. Flattered this mom highlighted B. as great Valentine’s gifts for your little loves.

Smiley and Sweet

February 5 2011

Jumping with joy that we’re featured again. This super sweet Valentine’s review put humongous smiles on all our faces :D

Better than Conversation Hearts

February 5 2011

We’re blushing over this glowing post. Consider us flattered by fire!

Sweet Without the Sugar

February 4 2011

You don’t need sugar to be sweet. These awesome adjectives are the perfect example: “ultra-hip colors,” “tote-able fun,” and “spiraly chute,” oh my!

Purely Fun

February 4 2011

Couldn’t agree more: “children are magical and filled with so much curiosity and imagination.” We love the idea of using B. quotes as Valentine’s cards!

In Gear

January 29 2011 Tickled to have been featured as sweet (and cavity-free) Valentine’s gifts for your wee ones. We think you’re sweet, Baby Gear Today!

Sweet Treat

January 26 2011 One of our favorite daddy bloggers asked his readers to add to our quote gallery for Valentine’s Day. The quotes have us alternately awww-ing and rolling on the floor laughing.

Teachable Moments

January 19 2011 Smiling from ear-to-ear that our Critter Clinic got three thumbs up from this mom and her little guys. Kitty and puppy are in good hands with those vets-in-training.

B. Hearts Luci!

January 11 2011 Thrilled to be featured as a “Tuesday Twinvention.” We love the cute candids of Kari’s little ones playing with B.

Photo Feature

January 10 2011 Chief Toymaker Gisela Voss wrote this feature on our nutty, super-talented photographer, Kim Lowe. She’s got the eye of a master and the heart of a child.

Crafty, Crunchy and Sweet

January 9 2011 Couldn’t be more impressed by the awesome Christmas ornaments Bethy made with our packaging. She’s a mom after our own hearts!

Top Ten

December 30 2010 When he picked his top ten of 2010, Designer Daddy declared the Zany Zoo #2! We’re delighted to be highlighted on such a design savvy daddy blog.

Top Five

December 28 2010 Five reasons to buy B. toys?? To that we say: merci, gracias, danke, thank you and arigato.

Playing Favorites

December 21 2010 When self-proclaimed picky moms choose B., it makes us swoon. Thanks so much for picking us as one of your favorite things!

Photo Ready

December 20 2010 These little smiles bring us huge happiness! We’re delighted that Wheeee-ls and Zany Zoo helped Angèle get the perfect shot of her wee ones.

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