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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.

B. Playful

February 21 2011

Making toys is our favorite thing to do. Second favorite? Playing with them! So we’re thrilled to be hosting the B. Playful room at the first-ever Brooklyn Baby Expo.

Everyday Sweet

February 18 2011

We’re completely delighted by this Valentine’s post, even if it came a few days late. Belated gifts just make celebrations last longer :)

Toy Fair Treat

February 17 2011

Wheeee are honored that Wheeee-mote Control was a Toy Fair top pick. The fact that our reusable packaging was highlighted too is the double-fudge icing on the triple-chocolate cake!


February 13 2011

Seriously smiling about this wonderful write-up. Seeing how this mom is reusing our toy packaging makes our eco-conscious hearts sing! And dance!

Hooray for Valentine’s Day!

February 11 2011

Pumped to be picked as terrific treats for your little sweet. Going to have to call ‘Bug’ on his Hellophone to thank him for the nice review :)

Happiness and Then Some

February 11 2011

When the Zappos Delivering Happiness folks interviewed our chief toymaker, she shared what makes B. special and the little things that make her happy. The essence? Do what you love and do good!

Uggies for All!

February 11 2011

Don’t know what an ‘uggie’ is? Here’s a hint: it’s super-sweet and warmed our hearts, just like the rest of this Valentine’s Day post.

Rattle and Roll

February 10 2011

Excited to be highlighted as great gifts for your little Valentine. Darah is darn cute dumping her Hugs :) Links all over the floor!

Good as a Gumball

February 10 2011

We remember the thrill of gumball machines. Now we’re thrilled that Sugar Chute is spreading that sort of joy (minus the cavities and quarters).

Sweet and Totally Chew-able

February 9 2011

These wee ones found hugs :) links sweet enough to chew on. Adorable!

We {heart} You!

February 9 2011

Exhibit {a} and {b} are must-see. Thanks for sharing your smiles :)

Heart’s Day

February 9 2011

These kind words left us feeling loved. That’s the greatest Valentine’s Day gift we could wish for (although chocolate is pretty great…)

B. Mine

February 9 2011

Jazzed that Macaroni Kid featured us again, this time with gift ideas to entertain wee ones and amuse their parents. Everybody wins!

Joy by Toys

February 8 2011

This mom says she’s a better person since our toys came into her life. Wow. We’re better people since reading this post. Thank you!

Sugar and Hugs

February 7 2011

A few minutes of downtime can be a big gift for a busy mom. We’re tickled that a couple B. toys kept little Willow engaged for hours.

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