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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.

Recording with Smiles

April 3 2011

Seeing little ones play with our toys is a huge gift. This precious video of a budding star and her Okideoke has us feeling like Christmas came early.


April 3 2011

Instead of a typical give-away, we opted for a share-away. Our moms told us it’s better to give than to receive, so we let the readers do the giving this time.

Star-worthy Swag

April 1 2011

Awards shows recognize stars who have already made it. We joined in the Kid’s Choice Awards celebration with toys just right for the stars of tomorrow.

The Phone’s for You

March 30 2011

These adorable photos of little Levi and Annabelle stopped us in our tracks. They’ve got to be the most high-tech tots in town!

Party in the Playroom

March 27 2011

We had a blast putting blogger names with faces at the Brooklyn Baby Expo. It was a treat to meet Divina and introduce Big Bro to the Hellophone.

Connection Creator

March 16 2011

We are humongous fans of Ryan, his blog, and his gorgeous photography. When we found out he was the one who introduced Meowisc to the band Rabbit, we could barely B.elieve it!

Stellar Standard

March 16 2011

Hearing that Parum Pum Pum is one mom’s go-to gift made us do a happy dance! We’re betting they could have one heck of a neighborhood parade :)


March 15 2011

By March, who isn’t ready for a little escape? Hellophone and Fish & Splish gladly went off to be part of the Parents Connect Escape to Cayman Islands Party.

Happy Whacky

March 15 2011

When a mom recommends one of our toys, it always brightens our day. When a mom invites one of our toys to a birthday party, we hope it brightens their little one’s year!

Mom Advice

March 14 2011

Who knows better than a mom? Being included on this mom-approved list of toys for 3-year-old girls has us humming a very happy tune.

B.rooklyn Baby Expo

March 11 2011

We had a blast participating in the first-ever Brooklyn Baby Expo. The day was filled with laughter and smiles (from us and the kids) in our B. Playful playroom.

Daddy Doodlebug

March 11 2011

Glad that H2-Whoa’s tetherless water pens give this dad and his son the creative range of motion to go ‘full-pollock’ whenever they want to.

Meow-di Gras

March 8 2011

What’s a Mardi Gras party without beads and a little music? We couldn’t resist joining the Parents Connect festivities with two favorites, Pop-Arty and Meowsic!

Friendly Forums

March 4 2011

Forums are a fantastic place for parents to get advice from each other. We jumped for joy when one mom suggested B. as a birthday present—and everyone else agreed!

Growing up Great

March 1 2011

Happy to partner with our friends, Barefoot Books, in support of this webinar about making every moment a teachable one. Our #1 lesson? Carpe Diem!

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