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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.


Easy as A-B-C

April 21 2011

Happy to hear that Alphaberry has proven to be durable, educational, and calming. Now if we could just find something like that for adults…

Worth a Sit

April 21 2011

Sometimes it takes a lot to encourage a wee one to sit up and pay attention. We think it’s Whacky (and wonderful) that Whacky Ball did the trick for little Peanut.

Green Enough to Gift

April 20 2011

A box is a box is a box. Unless it’s gift wrap too. Thrilled to be noticed as an alternative to cringe worthy birthday party bags.

That’s Hue to You

April 19 2011

Cultivating creativity makes us giddy. This super-nice You Hue review has us tapping our toes and grinning from ear-to-ear.

B. Green

April 18 2011

Reduce, reuse, recycle, hooray! Honored to be called out for our planet-friendly packaging just in time for Earth Day.

Pretty in Pop-Arty

April 17 2011

We love the idea of popping together summer-y jewelry with your little one. And we won’t tell anyone those are toys around your neck if you don’t!


April 16 2011

The wisdom of wee ones inspires our toys and brightens our days. We always smile when parents enjoy our little quote books enough to share them with others!

Scribble On-the-Go

April 13 2011

So, so, so excited to be featured on Cool Mom Picks again!! We’re delighted (and amazed) to hear that three wee ones can play with H2-Whoa at once. Their mom obviously taught them how to share :)

Splish into Summer

April 13 2011

Fish & Splish being picked as a top ten toy for summer has us bubbling and babbling and ready for a swim!

Staying Power

April 13 2011

Completely humbled this family has been playing with Parum Pum Pum and Whacky Ball for 5 years. Here’s to 5 more years of loud, whacky fun!

Wrapped Right

April 12 2011

When someone recognizes our packaging as environmentally friendly, reusable, and fun, it makes us want to hug a tree! We try to avoid the prickly pine.

Picture Perfect

April 11 2011

Crafting a caption for this silly photo gave Team B. a brief break one afternoon. We’d love to know what that little guy is really thinking!

Putting Things Together

April 8 2011

Moment by moment, hour by hour, childhood is made. We’re always delighted to hear about wee ones spending hours with B.

Fun for All

April 5 2011

Hearing about big kids (aka adults) playing with B. always makes us grin. We know how it goes—playing on the job is part of our job!


April 5 2011

Talk about cause for celebration! Completely flattered that Pop-arty has been picked as a top ten best birthday gift under $25.

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