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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.

Onesie for the Ages

June 1 2011

We received not onesie, but twosie, pretty paws up in favor of our giveaway! Thanks Willow, you’re looking lovely! B. Charming!

Capricious Chaos

June 1 2011

It was birthday bedlam for baby bums as we announced our anniversary with 10,000 onesies! What a happy B. day!

Centsational Celebration

June 1 2011

10,000 anniversary onesies plus 10,000 fans, all added up to 20,000 cheeks covered! One of the best B. day gifts was reading our toys are a kid magnet. Thank you for making B. special!

Bursting with Joy

June 1 2011

This blog inspires us every time we visit. Thank you for announcing our 1st B.irthday and onesie giveaway, Abby. If you’ve got the chocolate cake, we’ve got the milk!

Haute Heat

June 1 2011

Everyone knows the kiddo calendar and compass revolve around rip-roaring summer rumpus! We were flattered and thought it super sweet, to be recommended by these amazing moms, as a cool summer treat!

Daddy Ditty

June 1 2011

Pop-Arty beads to create killer robots?? This daddy’s picks of Meowsic and Pop-Arty struck a purrfectly proud chord of gratitude in our hearts.

Fashionable Friends

June 1 2011

From the very beginning of B. Toys with our baby bump, all the way to covering baby rump, it’s been an incredible year! Thanks to Trendy Mamas for helping keep those baby cheeks chic!

Henri Marie’s Muse

June 1 2011

What a treasure to see this teething tater tot playing with her Toulouse-LapTrec! We wonder what her style might be: Post-Impressionism? Pointillism? Lilyism? Just B. Just you. B. you!

B. Day Bonanza

June 1 2011

We were flabbergasted at how quickly the onesies were gonesies. Feeling grateful to phenomenal friends like this momma for spreading the icing on our cake by sharing the celebration!

A Hit for Happy Hands

May 27 2011

We’re won over by this wee one as he delights with his Whacky Ball skills, and grateful to have met his mama’s criteria for toys that are educational, fun and developmental!

A Blog with Bite

May 20 2011

Brothers and neighborhoods gathering around a whizzing Wheeee-mote control makes a happy in our hearts! So happy this beachy mama has found storage for her tiny treasures in our reusable bags, too!

New Age Noisemakers

May 20 2011

We're loving New Age Mama for instilling her love of music and art in her children and allowing B. to play a part. To hear that our toys encourage creativity and expand minds, expands our smiles! Coming soon to a drum circle near you: Whistling Willow and the Safari Sound!

Hug of War

May 16 2011

Our hearts were left aflutter as this posh parent noted our global and giftable aesthetic. And her child's “nine bug necklace” gave us a million smiles. B. unexpected!

E for Encore

May 16 2011

When it rains it pours-…block rockin’ beats from Baby E.! As this adventurous mama gives the gift of music, we anticipate a gaggle of radical one year olds who’ll jam whatever the weather with their portable Parum Pum Pums.

Cool Clickety Clack

May 14 2011

We're always thrilled to get the nod from the coolest moms around. So sensational to know that the cool kiddos are cutting it up with Hugs :) Links. Imagining babies who shake, rattle, and drool with our toys is a treat!

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