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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.


June 29 2011

We think it’s a hoot that our architectural Elemenosqueeze blocks are providing this mama's brood time to laugh, learn and l-o-v-e together. And thankfully for little teething Anabelle, who finds alphabetizing so alph-appetizing, these ABCs come BPA free! B. Wise!

Another Shameless Idealist

June 26 2011

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world” ~Anne Frank. Miss Teen Chapleau, Emma Hamill, sure didn't wait to start. Her dedication and recent fundraiser for Free The Children proves that children are powerful beyond belief to start change the world today. Go, Emma, go!

Game Changers

June 25 2011

Children can change the world—that belief is at the core of what we do. It’s also at the core of what Free the Children does, so it’s an honor that every B. toy sold contributes 10¢ to their cause.

Tower of Babble

June 24 2011

We’re A B C D-lighted, from A to Z to have the Alphaberry included as one of Babble’s Best ABC Toys. Many thank U’s!

B. Smart

June 22 2011

With four variations of the Alphabet Song and three screen colors, this tot was mesmerized in linguistic love with the Alphaberry! A perfect swap for keeping mom’s PDA out of playful paws!

Fisherman’s Find

June 22 2011

With an octopus comb for taming wild lox, and a whale brush for polishing your treasured booty, we’re thrilled thefind found Fish & Splish to be a hit! We agree: it’s perfectly portable from suds to surf!

Seas the Day

June 15 2011

From cleaning fingernails to scrubbing the poop-deck--- we’re so glad this mom’s lil’ sea urchin found our Fish & Splish seaworthy! Keep sailing commodore, there’s tons more to discover and explore! B. adventurous!

Alternative Animals

June 14 2011

From tabby tunes, to unfurrowed beast brows, we love hearing that Meowsic and Critter Clinic are colourful, unique and fun! The hues are inspired by international heritage and the unique fun is inspired by you! B. one-of-a-kind!

Whopping Wheelies

June 8 2011

We love that the Wheeee-mote Control has fostered fortune over frustration for toddlers by making playtime easy peasy lemon squeezy! One button control = miles of fun!

Savvy Aunties Know

June 7 2011

Thrilled to be featured by Savvy Auntie, Melanie Notkin, one of our favorite aunties and an all-around wonderful woman. Whether you're an "ay-nt" or an "ah-nt" or an "auntie" or a tia, you are treasure in our book.

Crackerjack Confabulations

June 7 2011

We B.elieve that “Every child is born a genius”, as perfectly stated by Buckminster Fuller. Thank you, Good Men, for sharing our appreciation of each precious prodigy’s brilliance contained in our online Quote Gallery. B. heard!

B. Cute

June 7 2011

This sweet snugglesaurus having funsy in our onesie is such a wonderful surprise! And Daddy in the onesie? Now that would B. a sight!

Carp Diem

June 3 2011

Our smiles were "this big" to have Fish & Splish included as one of the top ten summer toy treasures on Babble! Thank you for whetting our appetites for summer fun!

Creature Comforters

June 2 2011

It was puppy love at first sight and “imagination inspired” as these two girls cured their Critter Clinic patients. Without their TLC the results could’ve been cat-astrophic! B. caring!

Ideal Intro

June 1 2011

We felt giddy knowing Growing Your Baby really grasped what we’re going for! What an honor to do what you love and do good…and find people who feel the same.

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