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Our toys are like our babies. The only thing we like more than talking about them is hearing other people talk about them.

Woof, Howl, Bow-WOW

June 1 2012

We would gladly be back-up singers for this doggone rockin' little one. And just when we thought things couldn't get better, her mama's kind words have us over the moon.

B. Inspired

May 30 2012

A house full of B. toys? Must be a little like Heaven! We’d love to join in on a few of the H2-Whoa! water races during those hot summer days!

Monkeying Around

May 29 2012

More fun than a barrel of monkeys?! It’s a hard standard to live up to, but the Squirts are a splashful of fun at bath time!

It’s the Small Things

May 1 2012

“Our one decision can be a part of hundreds, making it a very vital part of protecting Earth.” This Dallas Mama’s got it right! Here’s to making the earth better, one decision at a time!

Come On Ride the Train!

May 1 2012

What’s that coming down the tracks?! A bristle block train?! B. toys was beyond thrilled to partner with Amtrak’s National Train Day, a nationwide celebration of all things locomotive, and to be part of this terrific train round-up!

Serenading Sweet Mother Earth

April 21 2012

A kid-friendly drum circle?! What better way to celebrate Earth Day than giving her a personal serenade! We’re delighted that our Jungle Jam got invited to this wonderful tradition! Jam on, Earth babies! LOVE THAT!!

Sing Your Heart Out!

April 20 2012

We love knowing other people out there are making those small decisions to help the environment. And with the Okideoke’s reversible packaging, you can sing your little heart out AND feel good about doing your part!


Like Father, Like Son

April 17 2012

Our hearts are howling at the thought of helping Xander follow in his Daddy’s musical footsteps! Check out these adorable photos of big brother, Xander, rocking out on the Woofer with baby brother, Noah, by his side playing with the Ballyhoo!

B. Creative

April 14 2012

We love hearing that B. toys keep pace with little ones’ huge imaginations and boundless creativity. Riley had a chance to give Spinaroos and Pop-Arty a whirl, and at the end of the day gave both toys two (pop-bead wearing) thumbs-up.

Sweet Memories

April 14 2012

Ahh, sweet nostalgia! Everyone has a kid still inside somewhere, and we’re delighted that our Spinaroos let Mom and Riley share a precious memory reminiscent of Mom’s childhood!

Toy Story

April 10 2012

It is fair to say that our most honest critics are the little ones who get their hands on our toys. We love hearing that this mom gave B. her seal of approval, but to see that B.OTH little ones have fallen for B. is truly an honor!

About B.

April 2 2012

This detailed post about Symphony in B. is the perfect read for any curious customer. And is the perfect resource for anyone who’s curious about, well, anything.

B. Design-y

April 2 2012

We’re moms and toymakers, but we’re also designers. Pretty typefaces and perfect palettes hold special places in our hearts. When other designers notice our toys, it makes us feel like proud mommas. This mention is the perfect (and perfectly kerned) example.

B. Sweet

March 26 2012

If anyone knows toys, the pro moms at Lil Sugar surely do. This is the sweetest review we’ve received in awhile: they called Symphony in B. a good toy ‘needle’ in a haystack of ‘look-alikes’ and reported their sons reaching for the toy bright and early every morning.

A+ for B.

March 22 2012

Whether it be enforcing rules, helping with homework, playing catch, or purchasing toys, dads always know what’s what. So knowing that Daddy Confidential gives B. two thumbs up has truly brightened our day.

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